14. Int. V-Strom-Meeting, Invitation

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14. Int. V-Strom-Meeting, Invitation

Beitragvon OrgaTeam2015 » So, 2. Nov 2014, 15:10

Let's make it most official now: :-o


Dear Fellow Vee Stromers & Friends! :-D

"Glück auf!" and welcome to the 14th International V-Strom Meeting
in the beautiful Ore Mountains (“Erzgebirge”)

Some of you may yet be familiar with the landscape from our annual meeting in 2011. Now we want to meet again in a landscape, rich in forests, canyons, but also mountain ridges about 800 m high with a breathtaking view over the Ore Mountains, its old forts, the sandstone rocks of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains - and of course: lots of curves! Part of them on the results of German road construction skills, part of them on the grip rough asphalt of our Czech neighbours. Of course we want to enjoy hospitality and regional cuisine on both sides of the border. And we do not want to miss showing you the one or other monument; sites and mines from the turbulent times of the ore mining, from which the area takes its name.

We meet from 4th through 7th June 2015 in the
Hotel Lugsteinhof
Neugeorgenfeld 36
District Zinnwald-Georgenfeld
01773 Altenberg

Mrs Silke Zimmermann and Mr Hannes Kempe are our immediate contact in the Lugsteinhof.

For our Vee & Friends community the Lugsteinhof is a hotel sufficiently large, which besides a wellness area also comes up with a neighboring hostel, the so-called "Bergbaude" (i.e. "mountain chalet"). Once a refuge for cattle herdsmen the chalet today holds comfortable rooms with 2 to 11 beds, ideal for biker groups. Also a special bar just for Vee & Friends will be located in the chalets guest room, for which we were able to achieve special conditions, well below the usual hotel standard prices for beer and soft drinks. Right next door to the chalet is also a meadow, where the camping and RV friends among us are free to set up their mobile dwellings. Please take into consideration that in early June on 800 m height the nights in the Ore Mountains can be still rather cold. You can find all the details as well as a series of photos in the notices to the meeting within neighboured threads. The registration is carried out as usual, directly to the hotel; please in the copy of the ORGA, so that we can also prepare.

Application Forms, please submit (one of them) by Email:

MS-Word: Download Form for MS-Word editable
PDF: Download PDF Form (to fill in, scan and mail)

Email addresses you find in the form. If you do have questions or are challenged by some German language, please contact the ORGA-Account by PN. Participation fee will be 12,- EUR each; please have at hand when checking-in at the ORGA desk; tanks.

--> Info Hotel Bild
--> Info Bergbaude Bild
--> Info Camping Bild

As usual will there be again a series of tour proposals. Note - these guided tours are but mere proposals. It’s left to each of you whether to join a riders group, to explore the region on your own or maybe to simply take the opportunity and pay a visit to nearby Dresden and its most beautiful attractions.

Registration deadline is April 30th – which means nothing more as that for the stragglers some things might have to be improvised. The cancellation conditions of the hotels apply independently! Cancellation requests please address directly to the hotel, please also CC to ORGA.

Hope we have made you curious. We are looking forward to seeing you again at the 14th International V-Strom meeting. We wish you a good journey and: have lots of fun in the Ore Mountains!

Yours, ORGA :-D

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